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2018 Ford Fiesta ST200 Interior, Changes

2018 Ford Fiesta ST200 front

Even though latest information`s that has been dropped out of Ford`s factory told us that new Ford Fiesta RS won`t be produced we aren`t that much sad because even better news came soon before that, we`re about to have new Fiesta ST200. Even though we can`t say that new 2018 Ford Fiesta ST200 is that much different form the Fiesta RS by the design or shape, he`s quite different (read better) by performances and the abilities. We`ve prepared small review to see how new Fiesta ST200 really is better than Fiesta RS.

2018 Ford Focus Change, Price, Review

2018 Ford Focus front

Even though new 2018 Ford Focus is still just a rumor we know that he`s going to be something finest that Ford has ever produced. We know that for sure because his previous generations were more than amazing. Most of them have won the title of the best car of the year. There won`t be problem if new 2018 Ford Focus win it as well. So far, there are only few information`s about him available. We`ve managed to collect all of them and to create small review about this car. Take a look and see it yourself, it`s that good old Focus again.

2018 Ford Explorer Exterior and Interior

2018 Ford Explorer front

This is a new 2018 Ford Explorer the mighty SUV which will make all your needs fulfilled. It you are a family person, who likes to travel and spend a lot of time with your spouse and kids on wheels we have an offer you will not be able to decline. 

2018 Ford Transit Interior, News, Exterior

2018 Ford Transit front

The Ford Company is one of the market leaders in the production of vans, so all that is launching a new model and that is the 2018 Ford Transit. This should be 6 generations of this van that was first represented by over 50 years ago, the previous model was released two years ago, so do not expect any major changes in this model, there will be mostly improvement and refreshments. it is expected that this new model draws even more attention of potential new customers, especially in America where it will be represented for the first time.

2018 Ford Bronco Performance and Release

2018 Ford Bronco front

One of the most desirable SUVs will at last be released and its fans are overwhelmed with enthusiasm. The mighty 2018 Ford Bronco is back, and it is about to conquer the SUV section with the beauty of its structure, fully-loaded interior and quite impressive powertrains. The Ford manufacturers are quite proud of its new family member and are predicting it a bright future.

2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Release, Price, News

2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 front

One of Ford’s the most famous and best models we soon arrive on the market, and that is of course 2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. This super car is eagerly waiting to come on the market. The manufacturer will surely further improve and enhance this model and is expected to further increase sales of this legendary model. It is assumed that the car will get some changes internally and externally, as well as a refresher on the engine.

2018 Ford Focus ST Redesigned, Review, News

2018 Ford Focus ST front

The new model comes from Ford and that the 2018 Ford Focus ST sports version of the Focus, which is eagerly expected in the market, this model will be promoted and upgraded in every segment. It is expected the new car’s design as well as improvements in the engine. It is assumed that this car will attract the attention primarily of people enjoying the speed and power of the car.

2018 Ford Fiesta Release Date and Performance

2018 Ford Fiesta front

The world market for cars in the hatchback category is very strong, all companies are trying to make better cars, which is not different with company Ford, which has prepared a new model in that category, and it will be the new Fiesta. 2018 Ford this model will be enhanced and promoted in every segment, and is expected to be one of the leading car market in its category, as well as to attract attention of new potential customers primarily good looks and performance, but also good ratio of price and quality.

2018 Ford Expedition Engine and Fuel Economy

2018 Ford Expedition front

The 2018 Ford Expedition is a car worth to look forward to. Manufactured by Ford Motor Company, it will make its entry as a full-size SUV. It is a full makeover of its predecessors. It comes with a bunch of improvements in almost all of its features.

2018 Ford Everest Exterior, Interior, Price

2018 Ford Everest front

The new 2018 Ford Everest SUV with 7 seats, which will soon be on the market, the carmaker is known for high-quality vehicles, so this car will possess the same characteristics, it is assumed that this model will be built on a similar platform as the Ranger. It is expected that the weight of this SUV will be reduced which will result in improved performance and fuel economy.