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2020 Tesla Roadster front

2020 Tesla Roadster Electric, Price, Review

A lot of people asked us to do review about Tesla Motors Roadster for 2020 year and we thought that it`s still far away and that there`s no purpose to do that. But, when we take a look on that 2020 Tesla Roadster we`ve seen that it`s going to be amazing car which will definitely going to be among the best electric cars that is ever been produced. So we prepared review about new Roadster for you to see how great this car is going to be.

2020 Tesla Roadster front

2020 Tesla Roadster Exterior and Interior

We know that this new Roadster will receive a lot of details transferred from Tesla`s Model S and we expect him to be made on different platform that those before which were made on Lotus Elise`s platform and we know that new 2020 Tesla Roadster will definitely going to be amazing everywhere you look. All the lights on 2020 Tesla Roadster will be made using only LED technology and we know that this new Tesla Motors product will be made using only lightweight materials so he can gain some extra power using only that, with no problem or extra effort for the engine. We still don`t have more information`s about his exterior but we know that he`s going to be extra classy designed.

Nappa leather will be material that’s going to be used to make cabin of new 2020 Tesla Roadster. Seats will be extra designed so every passengers can enjoy every mile new Roadster can go. Newest technological and safety features will be added so he can be totally modernized. We still don`t have all the information`s about it because his release date is still far away and Tesla Motors engineers will definitely going to do their best to discover something new and to install him only the best features.

2020 Tesla Roadster rear

2020 Tesla Roadster Engine

Every Tesla Motors car have more than great engine hidden under the hood but we must say that this new 2020 Tesla Roadster will have something really special. With engine compartment he`ll be equipped with he can be called as first super car that will be powered with electric engine only. His power will allow him to go from 0-60 mph in just 2.5 seconds which will make him extremely fast. We still don`t have official information`s about his range but some speculations tells us that he`ll be able to go around 400 miles on fully charged battery.

2020 Tesla Roadster interior

2020 Tesla Roadster Price and Release Date

His release date is still far, far away so we don`t have any official information`s about that or about his price. Some rumors tells us that new 2020 Tesla Roadster can appear before the start of 2020, they tells us that new Roadster will appear at the end of 2019, maybe in September of 2019 already. His starting price will definitely be higher than $125.000, Tesla Motors won`t sell him under that price.

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