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2018 Toyota Prius front

2018 Toyota Prius Price, Review, Engine

We can honestly say that Prius is definitely model that made us everybody think a little bit more about the environment. We have so many different models that have been made looking on Prius because he was and still is leader in all electric cars. New 2018 Toyota Prius isn`t a surprise, it`s definitely something that we have expected to see and to be honest Toyota really need to make him even better so he can be in the touch with present time.

2018 Toyota Prius front

2018 Toyota Prius Review

The famous Prius shape will still be there, even though this 2018 Toyota Prius will be made with longer wheelbase than before. New Prius will now be made using only aluminum which can make him lose even more pounds to make his performances better than ever. All the lights will be improved but the shape of the lamps will be the same. Only top quality LED lamps will be used because they`re planning to reduce the energy wasting. Both of the bumpers will now have better fog lights installed and Toyota announced that new Prius will be available with more exterior color choices than before which is great for the customers.

Interior design of new 2018 Toyota Prius as true leader on all-electric and energy saving market will be quite unique and special. All the materials which will be used inside new Prius will be eco-friendly and recycling available. Whole cabin of new Prius will be futuristic and designed so you can feel extra cozy and relaxed. Instrument board will be restyled and equipped with less buttons than before. Now, larger touchscreen will be jammed on the middle of the instrument board. More connection options are added and new 2018 Toyota Prius will have newly added audio system and with more speakers added to the entire cabin. Knowing that new Prius will be placed on larger wheelbase, it is sure to say that more room will be offered for the customers.

2018 Toyota Prius rear

2018 Toyota Prius Engine

Great electric engine will make new 2018 Toyota Prius go. We expect new one to be added but powered with the effective lithium-ion batteries as before. Probably four of them. This powerful and energy saving engine will be capable to produce around 134 horsepower and torque of 150 lb/ft as max. His range will be increased for more than 40 miles. What is great is that his battery charging time will be reduced and we expect it now to be a bit under an hour when you plug him in the regular outlet in house.

2018 Toyota Prius interior

2018 Toyota Prius Price and Release Date

Starting price for this new 2018 Toyota Prius and his basic trim choice will be around $35.000 and we are hoping to see him as soon as possible but he`s probably going to be released around the beginning of March 2018.

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