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2018 Toyota Noah front

2018 Toyota Noah Price and Release Date

Besides sedans, SUVs and trucks Toyota is really great in producing one more categories, this time focus is turned to the minivans. New generation of 2018 Toyota Noah is definitely something that tells us that minivans as category are still alive and starting to be more and more popular because mostly large families figure out that is the most practice way for them to transfer their family to the designated place.

2018 Toyota Noah front

2018 Toyota Noah Exterior and Interior 

New 2018 Toyota Noah will be a bit bigger than before but his shape will remain functional as before because Toyota really wants to use as little energy to create perfect performances. Due to that, front part of new Noah will be a bit lower than before so the air can flow better above and under this car. As new Noah becomes a bit bigger, Toyota needs to use more carbon fiber and aluminum to create his chassis so his overall weight won`t get bigger as well. Both of the bumpers are reinforced and revised with finer details added such as newly designed fog lights. Head and taillights will remain the same but with new lamps usage in them.

Interior of any minivan needs to be comfortable and spacious mainly. This new 2018 Toyota Noah really is. Other than spacious of the passengers, due to larger overall size of new Noah, even the cargo area is bigger than it used to be. Functionality is one more thing where 2018 Toyota Noah will try to make it better than we`ve used to. There will be larger touchscreen placed on the center of instrument board. Other than that main screen even the passengers in the back will have great pleasure because on the back of front two seats there will be two screens jammed so those in the back can enjoy as well. New digital climate controller, new navigation and audio system, better braking system…those are only some functions which can make new 2018 Toyota Noah separated from the others.

2018 Toyota Noah rear

2018 Toyota Noah Engine

New 2018 Toyota Noah won`t be known as the fastest and stronger vehicle on the market because his main mission isn`t to be fast so don`t be disappointed with the engine choices he`s going to offer. There will be more than one but at the moment we can tell you only about one of those, about the basic choice. That is hybrid engine which is extra environmental friendly, it`s going to be 1.8-liter petrol powered unit combined with perfect electric motor powered on lithium-ion batteries. Together they can produce 90 hp and torque of 140 Nm. CVT gear box will be basic and FWD mode as well.

2018 Toyota Noah interior

2018 Toyota Noah Price and Release Date

We expect to see new 2018 Toyota Noah appearing even before the beginning of 2018, somewhere around the September of 2017 and we expect to see him arriving by the price of $30k when it comes to the basic trim level.

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