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2018 Toyota Camry front

2018 Toyota Camry Price, Engine, Review

After many years of break from Camry as one of the most favorite Toyota`s model we can announce one great news. Camry`s back and it`s going to be ready to satisfy all your needs starting from 2018 year. Demand for 2018 Toyota Camry is getting larger every day so Toyota have really high expectation with this newest model and they expect new Camry to beat his predecessor which will, we must admit, be tough work because last version is quite good in every segment and it received really high grades.

2018 Toyota Camry front

2018 Toyota Camry Redesign

As it announced from Toyota, new Camry will look way better than the one before. Slightly different shape will be offered for new 2018 Toyota Camry which will help him have better aerodynamic abilities. That will be even improved because of usage of carbon fiber and aluminum in his chassis as two of the best lightweight materials. Toyota will try to improve every piece on this new Camry because last version isn`t in the pace with today’s time. For start, they`ll make sure that every light on new Camry get newly developed LED lamps as great improvement, safety one primarily. Both of the bumper will be reinforced but Toyota won`t forget to make them nicer so both of them will be restyled. Grille as important part of new 2018 Toyota Camry will be restyled and it`s going to receive new chrome details.

We`ve already mention that safety will be improved with new LED lights and inside Toyota will ensure us that safety will be in focus for new 2018 Toyota Camry. Because of that, so many new safety functions will be installed in infotainment system of new Camry. For example, there should be: cruise control, lane departure warning, cross traffic alert and so many others. Comfort for the passengers will be also important part of cabin for new 2018 Toyota Camry so we have heard that Toyota will add newly designed seats made from finest materials to make him even closer for the passengers. As addition, seats can be heated and ventilated by your choice. Even though we still don`t have official information`s about all the functions that will be installed in new Camry, be sure that a lot of new entertainment ones should be inside so passengers won`t be bored in new Camry.

2018 Toyota Camry rear

2018 Toyota Camry Engine

We have heard about two diesel engines that can be found under the hood of new 2018 Toyota Camry. All the information`s about the engine compartment for new Camry are still rumors because Toyota still haven`t revealed anything about it. First engine could be 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with 235 horse power and torque of 352 Nm. Second engine meant for new Camry is 3.5-liter V6 engine with ability to generate 385 horse power and torque amount of 336 Nm. What we know for sure is that no matter what engine will be under hood of new Camry, 6-speed automatic gear box will be connected to it and we expect to see significant improvement in fuel economy.

2018 Toyota Camry interior

2018 Toyota Camry Price

Spring of 2018 will be period when we can expect to see new 2018 Toyota Camry rolling on the streets, probably in April and we think that he must cost over $30.000. His starting price will be that but some more demanding models will definitely cost more.

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