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2018 Toyota Aygo front

2018 Toyota Aygo Redesigned and Performance

When we take a look on everything that Toyota had announced to be part of their 2018 lineup we must admit that we are surprised, positively of course. It is more than well-arranged and every model had the publicity it deserves. One of those that deserves to be seen is definitely new 2018 Toyota Aygo which have potential to be remembered because we know that Toyota won`t leave it with something missing or with something which isn`t perfect or even at least close to the perfection.

2018 Toyota Aygo front

2018 Toyota Aygo Redesigned

When we take a look on 2018 Toyota Aygo we can see that designers had full hands of work. They`ve made it to be unique with many redesigned details because they don`t want their customers to think this is boring car. Just take a look on his front part and you won`t even think he`s boring. It have amazing “X“ leather design with everything seems to be connected with other. Headlights with grille and grille with the bumper and fog lights. Just great example of style. We know that new Aygo will be released in two basic version, as two door coupe and four door sedan. Every, even smallest detail on it tells a story for himself. Great, just job well done from Toyota.

You`ll think that this small city car can`t have everything you need him to have inside and you`re wrong. Even though he`s small, Toyota manage to fit everything inside and to leave room for passengers to feel cozy and relaxed. There will be fine designed seats, made from fine cloth material that will definitely provide great feeling. Instrument board is compact and only most important buttons are added to it. Some of the functions that we know that will be installed in new 2018 Toyota Aygo are: digital climate controller, Internet, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, new navigation and audio system…and many new safety ones will be added to new 2018 Toyota Aygo.

2018 Toyota Aygo rear

2018 Toyota Aygo Engine

Engine compartment for new 2018 Toyota Aygo is still quite a mystery for all of us because Toyota don`t want to share it with us. Because of that, we have asked some sources close to the Toyota`s officials and we have found out that new Aygo will probably going to have only one diesel engine option. That will, almost surely, be 1.2-liter 3-cylinder engine that will be equipped with decent amount of power for this kind of car. That will be around 70 horse power and 95 Nm of torque amount. 5-speed manual gear box will be paired with every engine option for new Aygo and with this one, new Aygo can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 14 seconds but speed isn`t in focus for Toyota`s engineers. Fuel consumption is. We expect to see new 2018 Toyota Aygo with even smaller fuel consumption and we`ll have to wait to be sure in that, because Toyota still haven’t reveal official estimation for fuel consumption.

2018 Toyota Aygo interior

2018 Toyota Aygo Price and Released

Fuel consumption and price will be card on which Toyota will play when they`ve designed and produced new Aygo. Starting price for new 2018 Toyota Aygo will be $10.000 flat and because of that, he`s among most affordable cars. New Aygo is expected to appear at the summer of 2018.

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