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2018 Scion FRS front

2018 Scion FRS Design and Review

The company Toyota will under its luxury Section Scion present the new model of the car market, and this will be the new 2018 Scion FRS. This new sports car will attract great attention of potential new customer’s primarily younger population due to its attractive design and a very good performance. It is expected that this model will be a great competitor in the car market and that sales of this model will significantly increase.

2018 Scion FRS front

2018 Scion FRS Design

The exterior design of the new 2018 Scion FRS will be a sporty and stylish. It is expected that as each new modern car and this new model will be made of aluminum and carbon fiber, which will contribute that the overall weight of the car will be reduced, so the engineers will have easier job when it comes to the performance of this car. The front part of this model will be very aggressive and aerodynamic, there will be a large air intake which will look beautiful. The headlights and rear lights of this model will be beautifully designed and will have modern LED technology.

The new 2018 Scion FRS will be in a very stylish and sporty. It is expected that the manufacturer will insert a lot of new modern technologies in this car, so it will be placed in the middle of the control panel touch screen through which will control most functions such as navigation, modern air conditioning, high-quality audio player, various connections, as well as safety and security features. Also, this model will be equipped with very comfortable sports seats, which will be coated with the highest quality fabric or leather.

2018 Scion FRS rear

2018 Scion FRS Engine

According to rumors the new 2018 Scion FRS will have two engine options under the hood. The first engine will be offered 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine that will be able to develop 200 horsepower and will have a torque of about 205 Nm. The second engine offered will be a 2.0 liter 3 cylinder engine equipped with a turbocharger which can be capable of generating 300 horsepower and will have a torque of about 420 Nm. This car will have an 8-speed automatic transmission.

2018 Scion FRS interior

2018 Scion FRS Price and Released

It is assumed that the starting price of the new 2018 Scion FRS will be around $ 25,000. The launching of this model will happen most likely in January of 2018.

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