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2018 Mini Clubman front

2018 Mini Clubman News, Engine, Price

Mini revealed last version of Mini Clubman at the Frankfurt Auto Show that happened lately and the customers were thrilled with that what Mini showed, but now, according to some rumors, they are planning to release new refreshed generation somewhere at the 2018 year. We still didn`t heard any confirmation from the Mini, but it that is true, and new 2018 Mini Clubman really appeared, there won`t surely going to happen some iconic changes because this is still new model of Mini.

2018 Mini Clubman front

2018 Mini Clubman Exterior and Interior

We already mention that we have really small amount of information about new generation of Clubman so we can only assume what Mini could change on new Clubman. New 2018 Mini Clubman will definitely going to keep that recognizable boxy look that Mini gave him, and after all this will be Mini that isn`t mini, it`s going to be one really nice SUV from Mini suitable for families. Mini could install him new set of lights which will increase his visibility, they won`t make mistake with that and by our opinion, Mini can give him larger set of wheels.

After making a lot of changes at the interior of last version of Clubman such as removing recognizable dashboard that was placed at the center of instrument board and placing it in front of driver and after giving him newly designed air vents that aren`t circular any more, Mini really don`t have to change something special in the interior of 2018 Mini Clubman. All they have to do is to update all the technological and safety functions that they installed in the previous generation of this great SUV called Clubman.

2018 Mini Clubman rear

2018 Mini Clubman Engine

Because Mini still didn`t revealed any information for upcoming and announced 2018 Mini Clubman, we still don`t know what engine will he use. Because of that, we must take a look on the engines that were in the previous generation because we think that Mini won`t change them, they will just make it upgraded and improved. Engine that were in the basic version of last Clubman will surely going to be placed under the hood of 2018 Clubman. That will be 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engine that can easily produce 134 horse power and 162 lb/ft of torque. This engine will probably going to be paired with either 6-speed automatic or manual transmission system. This engine will help 2018 Mini Clubman run from 0-60 mph in 8.9 seconds and reach 127 mph as top speed

2018 Mini Clubman interior

2018 Mini Clubman Release Date and Price

We, of course, still don`t know what his price`s going to be but we can assume that 2018 Mini Clubman won`t be shown before the end of 2018 and his starting price can go up to $23.000.

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