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2018 Mercedes SLC 450 AMG front

2018 Mercedes SLC 450 AMG Price and Release date

We`ve been researching what Mercedes is preparing for 2018 year markets and we`ve come to some spy photographs taken. We`ve find out that’s going to be new 2018 Mercedes SLC 450 AMG Sport with so many improvements made, inside, outside and in the engine compartment. Most of the changes will definitely be placed in the engine compartment and not that much in the exterior style.

2018 Mercedes SLC 450 AMG front

2018 Mercedes SLC 450 AMG Sport Exterior and Interior

Based on the spy shots we`ve seen before, new 2018 Mercedes SLC 450 AMG Sport won`t be that much different from the previous version that this car will replace on the market. Based on the some details on the exterior which aren`t hidden we know that the headlights will remain in the same shape and size just with new LED lamps, larger grille and larger air intakes are also visible. On the back, we can see that dual exhaustion pipes are also different and other than that, we can`t see something else that is changed on the exterior of this Mercedes`s new product.

Interior design is still huge mystery for most of us and Mercedes will try to keep it that way as long as they can. What is sure is that you can`t expect something iconic to be changed inside 2018 Mercedes SLC 450 AMG Sport, most of the changes are expected in the infotainment system which will receive a lot of updates and definitely some new functions will be installed. Sport bucket seats will be added, with great design and made with finest leather materials, painted in red as we can hear from some sources close to the Mercedes`s engineers. Instrument board will be filled with the buttons and controls, that`s for sure, but we think that most of them will be simple to use and what is even more important, new 2018 Mercedes SLC 450 AMG Sport will have his entire cabin driver oriented.

2018 Mercedes SLC 450 AMG rear

2018 Mercedes SLC 450 AMG Sport Engine

Engine compartment is still a secret and Mercedes will do their best to make one great surprise for their customers. We`ve heard some speculations about it and we`re going to share it with you. Most of the rumors tells us that new 2018 Mercedes SLC 450 AMG Sport will be powered by 3.0-liter V6 type of engine. This engine will definitely have ability to produce around 362 horse power and over 390 lb/ft of torque amount. Those are only information`s we have, and when we hear something new, we`ll let you now.

2018 Mercedes SLC 450 AMG interior

2018 Mercedes SLC 450 AMG Sport Price and Release date

Starting price for this kind of luxury vehicle as new 2018 Mercedes SLC 450 AMG Sport really is can`t be under $65.000 so you don`t need to expect something under that. New SLC 450 AMG Sport version will probably be available as the 2018 reach the half, not sooner than that because he`s still in a development phase.

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