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2018 Mercedes S-Class front

2018 Mercedes S-Class Engine and News

In the world of extra luxury sedans, new 2018 Mercedes S-Class, even though it still isn’t released, it’s going to be high positioned. Maybe even on a place number one. We’ll have to wait a little bit more to find out that, but those information’s we have about him right now are looking more than promising. We are more than sure that Mercedes is more than capable to give him stunning look and brilliant performances. Let’s see exactly what we can expect from new S-Class.

2018 Mercedes S-Class front

2018 Mercedes S-Class Exterior and Interior

Looking on his exterior, we just don’t know where to start from. Every angle on new 2018 Mercedes S-Class looks better than the one before. Mercedes’s designers and engineers really had so many sleepless nights behind them. This kind of beautiful car doesn’t appear that way by itself. It is surely product of hard work. When we look at his front part, first thing we can see is longer hood with a bit new lines added. All that makes him look classier than ever. 2018 Mercedes S-Class on the end of the hood, we can see chrome made grille which is longer and wider than before with nice horizontal bars. Then, we have newly designed headlights connected with the grille to make it great combination together. This time, headlights are thinner but as effective as before. On the sides, we can see larger side mirrors with almost the same metallic color as entire car. Back part remained almost the same giving this new 2018 Mercedes S-Class almost everything his predecessor was equipped with. It`s going to arrive on 18.0-inch alloy wheels which will be painted in black to give him even more expensive look.

Interior of 2018 Mercedes S-Class is all we ever wanted him to be. Classy, roomy and more than pleasant to be in. Mercedes always manage to push it even further with the cabin design of their vehicles. Everything inside will be painted in metallic grey color which can make him as one piece with the exterior. Seats will be even better, as if is that even possible knowing how great was those before. But, looking at this one, we now see that it is possible. They`ll have better lumbar and sides support and together with amazing Alcantara leather, they`ll be absolutely brilliant. Entire instrument board inside new 2018 Mercedes S-Class will be restyled with amazing piece of art. There will be less buttons present but those which will be there will be restyled and made in different shape. This time, all the buttons will have sharper edges and they`ll be in more square shape than in circular one. Great thing about the infotainment system is that Mercedes`s designers and engineers have announced some brand new functions to find room inside new 2018 Mercedes S-Class so we still don`t know what there could be. All we have to do is wait to discover it ourselves.

2018 Mercedes S-Class rear

2018 Mercedes S-Class Engine

Two engine options are now available for new 2018 Mercedes S-Class but we expect at least two more choices. First, there could be 3.0-liter V6 which will be his basic choice. This powerful engine can generate 362 horsepower and torque amount of 369 lb/ft. Second choice we`ve heard about will be 4.0-liter V8 unit. This one will be able to supply new S-Class with 463 horsepower and with maximum torque amount of 513 lb/ft. This time, Mercedes have announced brand new set of Bembo brakes and brand new transmission system which they`ll still don`t want to reveal what that will be. No matter what gear box option arrives with new 2018 Mercedes S-Class, we know that it`s going to be able to send all the power to every one of the tires. There will probably be rear-wheel drive mode as basic but all-wheel drive mode will be only push of a button away from you.

2018 Mercedes S-Class interior

2018 Mercedes S-Class Price and Release Date

Starting price for new 2018 Mercedes S-Class will be just under $100k and we expect some better equipped trim level to go over $150.000 easily. His release date will probably be even before start of 2018 so we can expect him to be available in November 2018 already.

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