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2018 Mercedes ML front

2018 Mercedes ML Inside, Speed, News

Try to find a fault on a Mercedes vehicle, on anyone of them. You can`t because those are one of the best vehicles ever produced. New 2018 Mercedes ML is one of those models which don`t have any fault on it and we are more than sure that he`s going to keep being that perfect, this new generation is there to prove that. Take a look.

2018 Mercedes ML front

2018 Mercedes ML Exterior and Interior

We must admit that all the information`s regarding to the exterior and interior design of new 2018 Mercedes ML are just a speculations and we still can`t be sure about everything. All the details we know are all just speculations and rumors which are currently going on because Mercedes still don`t want to reveal official details about the changes they`re going to made. When it comes to the exterior the biggest differences will definitely be placed on the front fascia and there we can expect to see newly designed grille made almost entirely from chrome and made to be larger than before so new 2018 Mercedes ML could look classier than before.

Both of the bumpers will surely be reinforced with carbon fiber materials and both of them will have larger lights installed. Other than that, we can notice some new lines added to the hood and to the sides, all to the end of this crossover. Inside new 2018 Mercedes ML we can`t really expect to see some significant changes happen because the customers were quite happy and pleased with his previous generation. There will definitely be updates made to the functions which are going to be installed in the infotainment system and we are still unsure if some new connection options will be installed. What is sure about the cabin of new 2018 Mercedes ML is that he`s going to be covered in leather and that the passengers will have more than enough room inside, for them and for their cargo.

2018 Mercedes ML rear

2018 Mercedes ML Engine

What is sure about new 2018 Mercedes ML is that he`s surely going to have some additional engine options offered when we compare him with the previous generation. This time, new engine unit will be perfect 2.1- liter Blue Tec diesel powered engine unit which is capable to produce 200 horsepower and torque amount of around 369 lb/ft as maximum. Transmission system is also announced to be brand new and we expect to see 8-speed automatic ones getting paired with all of those engine options offered. According to the latest rumors, new ML will almost surely going to be available with hybrid engine option as well.

2018 Mercedes ML interior

2018 Mercedes ML Price and Release Date

$48k will be enough to get you basic trim level of new 2018 Mercedes ML but we expect to see him getting released around the beginning of summer 201

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