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2018 Mercedes AMG SL63 front

2018 Mercedes AMG SL63 Review

Industry wide, the 2018 Mercedes AMG SL63 is being raved about for taking the tight corners action and adventure movies are made of. From the paddle shifters you can breeze through turns powerfully utilizing the latest design of the AMG power design transmission. The highway becomes a dreamy playground from behind the wheel. Of course the transmission is attached to the throaty muscle discerning drivers demand especially when popping the engine through downshifts allowing the muscle to flex on any driving situation. City, to highway, to countryside, to the comfort of cruising, you can dream or you can drive.

2018 Mercedes AMG SL63 front

This powerful roadster comes to the table with not only and ungraded face but also an better drivetrain. The design features super aggressive sport front look including diamond motif upgrades on the visually stunning front end. Also included in this upgraded look is LED lighting and super sleek power domes onlookers can marvel at on the brand new hood. The interior hugs you in the cockpit to keep you in supreme comfort as you power your way to the office, out for a scenic drive or even when running weekly errands.

For this season, the SL models promote a newly upgraded drivetrain to bring even more power to your fingertips. Available nine speed transmissions slamming to the wheels 369 lb-ft of mind-blowing torque growls to life with 362 horsepower. But does it work? The expert ratios allow the driver hair-raising 0-60 mph lift off in only 4.9 seconds. But that is the lesser model. Top of the food chain, this apex predator of the lineup the AMG SL63 offers a 5.5-liter V12 twin turbo engine pounding out 577 horsepower. And that is sitting on 664 lb-ft of earth grabbing torque.

2018 Mercedes AMG SL63 rear

2018 Mercedes AMG SL63

Stylistically this model will have you walking in the clouds as well. Featuring the retractable hardtop which was a favorite among owners last season so has been retained and for good reason. You are able to raise and lower it in the event you run into unpleasant weather while out tearing up the road or just out for errands at speeds up to twenty-five miles per hour. New this season is an innovative trunk separator. The function of this convenience is that it sets up automatically when the hardtop is lowered or raised. In addition to that, the roof when folded can tip itself up to twenty-five degrees for ease of loading or when unloading cargo from underneath the top when stowed.

The exciting roadster also features driving modes. The five available driving modes are designed to provide for five driving styles and expectations. The modes are as follows: Race, Sport, Individual, Sport Plus, and Comfort. Amazingly you can reach in and control elements of your experience ranging from engine sound all the way over to throttle response and even on to shifting smoothness.

2018 Mercedes AMG SL63 interior

2018 Mercedes AMG SL63  Price, Fuel Economy, and Release Date

Latest press has yet to release pricing except for the current model which is set at $150,000. As it gets closer to spring, fuel economy and exact release date will be hitting the press with as much torque as this power roadster puts out. Keep your eyes peeled as you don’t want to miss it.

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