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2018 McLaren 675 LT Spider front

2018 McLaren 675 LT Spider Redesign, News

The 2018 McLaren 675 LT Spider is a gorgeous, yet powerful drop top super car based on its predecessor, the 650S Spider. Its production maintains the heritage and tradition of McLaren’s iconic “Longtail” series. Its design centers on improved aerodynamics, lightweight and great overall performance.

2018 McLaren 675 LT Spider front

2018 McLaren 675 LT Spider Exterior, Interior, MPG, Engine

A large part of the McLaren body structure will be based on carbon fiber material. The front bumper will have large integral front splitters for improved air intake and aerodynamics. In order to increase downforce and improve handling and stability of the sports car, the extended front splitter will have front winged plates. Beneath the retractable hardtop will be a color coded tonneau cover. The crossover exhaust system will be titanium based. A striking feature of the 2018 McLaren 675 LT Spider will be the visibility of the engine due to a lightweight polycarbonate engine cover. The aerodynamic, flowing rear wings and the exposed rear deck will aid in cooling the vehicle’s engine. The car will feature a set of 10 spoke Pirelli Trofeo lightweight forged alloy wheels and the front will be 19 inches while the rear will be 20 inch wheels.

The interior will feature a 4 speaker Meridian audio system with a central touchscreen panel. The lightweight seats will have “675 LT” embossed leather with a carbonfiber shell. The basic version of the car will have no air-conditioning in keeping with weight reduction. Its interior will have a 4 point harness, titanium rollhop and a fire extinguisher.

The 2018 McLaren 675 LT Spider has a powerful twin turbocharged 8 cylinder engine with an overall capacity of 3 liters. It is coupled to a 7 speed dual clutch transmission system. The 675 LT’s power plant is capable of churning out a massive 666 horsepower at 7100 rpm and has an amazing torque of 516 lb. at an average of 5500rpm. The 2016 675 LT is capable of doing 0-60 mph in 3 seconds and has a top speed of 203mph (326 km/h)

The powerful and aggressive 2018 McLaren 675 LT Spider has a conservative fuel consumption of 24.2 mpg on the European Union combined cycle.

2018 McLaren 675 LT Spider side

2018 McLaren 675 LT Spider Redesign

The 2018 McLaren 675 LT Spider sports a new set of 20 spoke alloy wheels that are ultra lightweight. The Spider’s traditional fixed rooftop has been replaced with a retractable hardtop on the new 675 LT. The new hardtop reduces the weight of the super car by about 220 pounds less than the 650 S Spiders. The 675 LT comes with a new paint job that lends it great visual appeal.

The engine components have been revamped and improved. The 2018 McLaren 675 LT Spider has a new camshaft and lightweight connecting rods. It features a set of brand new and more efficient turbochargers. There are comprehensive and detailed changes to the vehicles cylinder heads and this improves the torque and output of the engine. The fuel system of the super car has been tweaked to ensure a freer flow of fuel and improve overall efficiency.

The original retractable fixed roof on the 2018 McLaren 675 LT Spiderhas been replaced with a new 3 piece retractable hardtop with a smooth folding mechanism to enhance the thrilling open air experience of the limited super car.

2018 McLaren 675 LT Spider rear

2018 McLaren 675 LT Spider Release date, Price

Production of the 2018 McLaren 675 LT Spider will be exclusive and limited to 500 units worldwide. It is expected that the initial units will be delivered from the summer of 2018. The super car will have an estimated price of about US $ 372,600.

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