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2018 Lotus Evora 400 front

2018 Lotus Evora 400 Engine, Review

The Lotus Evora 400 is the fastest road car made by Lotus in this millennium. The 2018 Lotus Evora 400 is the earliest fruit of a newly stabilized company. Lighter, faster and more aggressive than ever, this car is new in virtually every way. It exudes the Lotus spirit of driving purity and lightness so concisely. Its exquisite power to weight ratio and an aerodynamic package capable of maintaining zero lift while increasing downforce at high speeds just enhances its superpower appeal.

2018 Lotus Evora 400 front

2018 Lotus Evora 400 Engine

This 2018 Lotus Evora 400 has a 3.5 liter V6 engine that has been significantly modified in order to achieve its supercar performance. Its induction system is supplemented by a water-to-air charge cooler and a revised supercharger that raised its power to 400hp. This makes the 2018 Lotus Evora 400 to be the fastest and most powerful production Lotus ever: having a top speed of 186 mph and able to accelerate from 0 to 60mph in just 4.1 seconds. Also, the car’s weight reduced by 90 pounds to 3075 pounds due to lighter wheels, seats, engine mounts , and several other small changes.

Among the few shortcomings of previous Evora models was its sloppy six-speed manual gearbox. The 2018 Lotus Evora 400 transmission is much smoother and more precise. The fragile, loose gear action is gone, while the model’s gearstick is less of an issue than in previous models. Buyers are advised to go for the manual, although the manufacturer claims that they have improved the optional torque- converter automatic too. As a bonus for shifting his or her own gears, the driver gets a limited-slip differential that is not offered for the automatic.

2018 Lotus Evora 400 rear

2018 Lotus Evora 400 Interior

The 2018 Lotus Evora 400 interior has undergone a thorough and meaningful redesign with a fresh look, improved materials and a bigger sense of cohesion. The cabin has been transformed, with legible instrument graphics, a wider footwell, a lowered sill that makes getting out of the car easier, and door panels that will no longer crush passengers’ kneecaps when getting out. However, buyers will still have to contend with fiddly infotainment units. On the bright side, the surfaces, dials and switches are all light years ahead of previous Lotus models.

2018 Lotus Evora 400 interior

2018 Lotus Evora 400 Price and Release date

The 2018 Lotus 400 is the fastest model by Lotus and is definitely worthy of a supercar status. It is beautifully designed, stylishly attractive and purposefully aerodynamic. It is expected to go on sale in early 2018 and has a price tag of $90,900. Given the new and advanced features, buyers will not mind this price tag. Lotus is back on the road, and enthusiasts are definitely happy to climb on board.

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