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2018 Lexus LF LC front

2018 Lexus LF LC Concpet and Release Date

Lexus clearly want to enter the future ready. That will be upcoming 2018 Lexus LF LC which is perfect car to have if you`re lover of expensive and luxury coupes. Because of that, they`ve introduced a lot of future and concept model which are going to be released in the future and among them, there is one model which should be released next year so he`s definitely going to be among the most wanted models for 2018 year market. 


2018 Lexus LF LC front

2018 Lexus LF LC Exterior and Interior

Even though we`ve been able to see only concept version and concept look of new 2018 Lexus LF LC we think that he`s going to look almost the same because you`ll get the idea that this car have no mistake. Even though he`s true luxury sedan, he looks really aggressive and muscular so there is no doubt that most of the customers can find something for itself. Extended hood, raked windshield and spindle-shaped grille will definitely going to be nicest part on his exterior. Together with nicely designed headlamps, new LF LC will look stunning. Those headlights, as every other light on this car will be equipped with new LED lamps which are proved not to bother other drivers which are looking in his direction and other than that, they use less energy than before. On the back of new 2018 Lexus LF LC we can see really nicely designed taillights, thin but extra effective with super strong bumper.

We still don`t have information`s about how the interior of this 2018 Lexus LF LC concept should look because we haven`t seen any picture of it but we can assume what it might look based on some other, similar Lexus`s models. We are more than sure that his cabin will be made fully in leather and that the seats will be designed with amazing spine and back support so passengers can be fully relaxed. 2018 Lexus LF LC other than that, there will be enough room for 5 passengers and every one of them will surely enjoy inside because dual-zone climate controller will make you feel relaxed no matter what`s the temperature outside. We are more than sure that on the instrument board we`ll be able to see only one large touchscreen and maybe couple of buttons, just most useful ones. Knowing Lexus, and knowing what kind of functions they`ve installed in their vehicles, we are positive that new 2018 Lexus LF LC will be one of the best-equipped cars on the market.

2018 Lexus LF LC rear

2018 Lexus LF LC Engine 

It`s still early to talk about the engine options which can be offered for new 2018 Lexus LF LC but we can say that lately, there are more and more rumors and speculations about it so we`ve find out that this new concept will probably going to be offered with some V8 engine which must be able to supply this coupe with at least 500 horsepower and with 516 lb/ft. 7-speed automatic transmission system should work in pair with every engine unit option this car ends with. This will be more than great power amount for this great car and if this kind of engine really end under his hood, there is going to be bright future for new 2018 Lexus LF LC, that`s for sure!

2018 Lexus LF LC interior

2018 Lexus LF LC Price and Release Date

As we`ve said, new 2018 Lexus LF LC will be extra luxury and expensive car and we expect to see his starting price in range of $150.000 while some more demanding trim levels can go even over $200.000. Release date is still unsure but this is the model we think it could appear at the beginning of winter of 2018, so November will probably going to be month of his release.

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