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2018 Lexus ES front

2018 Lexus ES News, Engine, Cost

This is one of the Lexus`s model which is extremely popular and after his huge popularity Lexus seems to have forgotten about this model. Now, after so many letters where customers want to see new version of ES, Lexus decided to make it available in 2018. This new 2018 Lexus ES is going to represent real refreshment on the market and we already know that this huge announcement will make a lot of customers happy but before he appear in the local stores, we`ve prepared small review so you could see what new ES can offer.

2018 Lexus ES front

2018 Lexus ES Exterior and Interior

As we`ve said, previous generation of ES was extra popular among the customers all around the world and because of that, we know that Lexus won`t make some iconic changes. We know that new 2018 Lexus ES will be well equipped with some of the newly developed details, for example, there will be new lamps for better visibility which leads to better safety of entire car. What will be totally new on this new ES is his grille. Lexus will give him grille which is similar to those we can see on all of Lexus`s new models. That grille is absolutely brilliant and we can say that it is among the nicest in the car world. Entire shape will remain the same but Lexus will try to make it more aerodynamic so they`ve place him a bit closer to the ground.

We weren`t able to hear about some official changes which will happen inside new 2018 Lexus ES but based on the spy shots we`ve reached, we can say that there aren`t some spectacular changes made. His instrument board is slightly restyled and redesigned but the way buttons were organized before, they are organized now. We are sure that this new 2018 Lexus ES as true sedan will have more than enough room for 5 passengers and for all of their luggage because cargo space in new ES is well organized. Seats will be designed so the passengers can`t feel a thing, they have fantastic lumbar support. We are sure that this new 2018 Lexus ES will have brand new infotainment system installed but we know that there will be some functions from the previous generation which have proved before. We still haven`t heard about any official information which new functions will be added but we expect only the best for new 2018 Lexus ES.

2018 Lexus ES rear

2018 Lexus ES Engine

We all know that Lexus will do all they can to make new 2018 Lexus ES better than ever before. When it comes to the engine compartment, that means they`ll do everything they can to make him faster and stronger. We still have only few information`s about the engine unit for new ES and all we know is that he`ll use 3.5-liter V6 unit which will be able to supply new ES with power of 270 horses. This power amount means new ES will be fast, really fast. Those are all the details we know about the engine unit for new ES but stay with us, we`ll have more information`s soon.

2018 Lexus ES interior

2018 Lexus ES Price and Release Date

Well, we think that new 2018 Lexus ES can`t be offered for the price of under $42.000 and when it comes to the release date, we think that new ES can`t appear before the autumn of 2018, not before September.

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