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2018 Land Rover Defender front

2018 Land Rover Defender Designed, News, Engine

First, new 2018 Land Rover Defender will really be released to the market we can`t be happy enough. It`s been more than 20 years that last generation of Defender was released to the market so we know that he`s surely going to be able to attract customers and to be something that can surprise the market because he really have the abilities to attract the become leader.

2018 Land Rover Defender front

2018 Land Rover Defender Exterior and Interior

First, his overall shape. Even though it is new, 2018 Land Rover Defender will remain that recognizable shape, that perfect boxy one which can really attract more customers and it can really provide great aerodynamic abilities. Of course, all the lamps will be new and they can really provide great visibility while they can save some of the energy. Headlights will be rounder than before and a bit larger and now, they`re going to be almost connected to the grille. Grille will be made with more chrome than before and it`s going to be larger than it was before. On the sides, we can see different door handlers with some new lines added to the doors. Taillights on the back of new 2018 Land Rover Defender will also be larger than before and that can really increase the visibility and safety as well.

Cabin of new 2018 Land Rover Defender is still a mystery for all of us because Land Rover still don`t want to reveal official pictures of it but it`s going to be almost totally different when we compare him with the previous generation. It`s going to have new seats, designed with perfect lumbar support and with both heating and cooling options for the front row of seats. All the functions will surely be updated and so many new ones will be installed. Some of them could be: parking sensors, rear view camera, blind spot monitoring, hill assistant, cruise and traction control, Bluetooth and USB connection and many others. With this great balance between safety and entertainment functions, new 2018 Land Rover Defender will be perfect for families and younger generations as well which is great to attract way more customers than before.

2018 Land Rover Defender rear

2018 Land Rover Defender Engine

Engine unit for new 2018 Land Rover Defender is maybe the biggest secret about him. His engineers and designers want to make him become better off-road SUV than his predecessor was so he`s surely going to be powered with stronger engine. We expect to see at least three engine choices offered. Some of them could be: 2.0-liter, 3.0-liter V6 and the strongest could be 5.0-liter supercharged V8 unit. When it comes to the fuel consumption, we really expect to see it reduced, we expect nothing less than 30 mpg when you drive it combined city and highway.

2018 Land Rover Defender interior

2018 Land Rover Defender Price and Release Date

Be sure that you can`t get new 2018 Land Rover Defender under $55.000 and we are almost positive that he`s going to be offered around the beginning of 2018.

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