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2018 Lamborghini Gallardo front

2018 Lamborghini Gallardo News, Cost, Interior

When you`re expecting to see model like 2018 Lamborghini Gallardo you`re already excited. You don`t even need to hear some additional information`s about him because it`s enough for you to know that something new will happen. That is how we feel. It`s enough to say that he will be released, but, to be honest, we must pay closer attention to what we could expect from it. 2018 Lamborghini Gallardo still don`t want to reveal anything about him because new Gallardo is in their top secret folder. We`ve gathered some information`s ourselves and placed them together in one review so you can get the basic idea what you can expect from new Gallardo. You should know, only sky is the limit for this model.

2018 Lamborghini Gallardo front

2018 Lamborghini Gallardo Exterior and Interior

Of course, you already know that shape is greatest thing about new 2018 Lamborghini Gallardo. His shape is something that can bring his better performances than ever before. It is positioned really close to the ground to make the air flow amazing under, above and on the sides of new Gallardo. When it comes to some details on his exterior, we must say that his front part looks really stunning. It`s equipped with nice headlights made in triangular shape which will be powered using latest LED technology. Under them, jammed in bumper, we can see large air vents that can make the engine cooled during the entire ride, especially when you drive him on high speed. Hood is long with decent Lambo sign on the end. Sides of 2018 Lamborghini Gallardo is also equipped with large air vents and with redesigned door handlers. Rear part is designed with large taillights which will be closer to each other than they were before.

We can`t say that new 2018 Lamborghini Gallardo will be one of the roomiest cars on the market but we must say that it will be cozy. His seats will be really close to the bottom and they can make you really feel the speed they can provide. That will be great Recaro bucket seats with awesome lumbar and sides support. Leather will be material from which most of the cabin will be made. Other than leather, there will be some metallic details and some wooden details. His instrument board will be restyled with less buttons but with larger touchscreen on the middle of it. We are always used to see Lamborghini`s models available with amazing sound system. Well, new 2018 Lamborghini Gallardo will be equipped with the best so far. There will be more speakers inside new Gallardo and it`s going to be powered using finest Bose system.

2018 Lamborghini Gallardo rear

2018 Lamborghini Gallardo Engine

This new 2018 Lamborghini Gallardo will be powered using amazing engine unit. This time, he`ll use 5.2-liter V10 unit which will make him create amazing power. This engine can generate 610 horsepower and maximum torque amount of 403 lb/ft. With it, new Gallardo can run from 0-60 mph in only 3 seconds flat which is more than just fast. Fuel consumption isn`t yet estimated but we know it won`t be low. But, to be honest, buyers and drivers of new Gallardo don`t really care about the fuel consumption.

2018 Lamborghini Gallardo interior

2018 Lamborghini Gallardo Price and Release Date

We know that new 2018 Lamborghini Gallardo will be released in just restricted number of models and you`ll probably have to wait somewhere around the middle of 2018 to be able to buy him. His starting price will probably be somewhere around $200.000 for his basic trim level, maybe even a bit higher.

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