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2018 Ford Focus front

2018 Ford Focus Change, Price, Review

Even though new 2018 Ford Focus is still just a rumor we know that he`s going to be something finest that Ford has ever produced. We know that for sure because his previous generations were more than amazing. Most of them have won the title of the best car of the year. There won`t be problem if new 2018 Ford Focus win it as well. So far, there are only few information`s about him available. We`ve managed to collect all of them and to create small review about this car. Take a look and see it yourself, it`s that good old Focus again.

2018 Ford Focus front

2018 Ford Focus Exterior and Interior

Overall shape of new 2018 Ford Focus is surely something that will remind you on his previous version and on Mondeo which is also one of the Ford`s finest models. Great move by the designers, that`s for sure. His great shape is surely something that can make his aerodynamic abilities improved and performances increased with it as well. It looks a bit longer as well. Front part is that what looks longer this time, hood especially. There are some new lines added to the hood to make it look nicer and classier. Both of the bumpers will be reinforced and slightly restyled. There will be great choice of exterior color options available for new 2018 Ford Focus but basic one will be blue again. That is what makes him look the best there can be. Air vents are bigger than before which made us thinking, will new Focus be stronger than before. We`ll have to wait and see.

There aren`t anything available about the cabin of new 2018 Ford Focus. We think it`s because Ford wants to make it special this time. Previous generation of Focus had pretty simple looking cabin and that is what Ford wants to change. We expect to see less buttons on the instrument board and bigger touchscreen jammed there as well. Steering wheel will almost surely become bigger than before with more buttons and controls jammed inside. That is one more Ford`s attempt to make it safer than before. No doubt that all of these information`s about new 2018 Ford Focus we know will make him perfect for both younger generations and families as well. It`s going to have brand new, technologically improved infotainment system. There will be functions such as: rear view camera, parking sensors, emergency braking, cruise and traction control, overtaking assist, blind spot monitors, Bluetooth and Internet connection and many others.

2018 Ford Focus rear

2018 Ford Focus Engine

Starting trim level will continue to be powered using 2.0-liter 4-cylinder unit. This one can generate 160 hp and torque amount of 146 lb/ft. This time, the most powerful engine option for new 2018 Ford Focus should be 2.3-liter unit which can supply it with 350 horsepower and with torque amount of 250 lb/ft as maximum. We still don`t know what type of transmission system will be mated to these engine options but there will definitely be both manual and automatic transmission choices available.

2018 Ford Focus interior

2018 Ford Focus Price and Release Date

Starting price for new 2018 Ford Focus can`t be over $25.000 that’s for sure. We still don`t know when will he actually be released but it couldn`t be before March 2018.

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