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2018 Dodge Viper front

2018 Dodge Viper Release date, Redesign

A new, freshly designed Dodge Viper is in the making. After a five year long sting, this iconic muscle car will be back for the 2018 model year. With the massive improvements being undertaken in its styling and performance features, the 2018 Dodge Viper could be one of the most extravagant viper auto motives ever made. It will have new engine capabilities with better features and overall performance compared to its predecessor. With the luxury and sumptuousness it is expected to offer, anyone who likes sports automobiles will find the 2018 Viper a dream car. They will be spell bound!

2018 Dodge Viper front

2018 Dodge Viper Exterior and Interior

The 2018 Dodge Viper will be available in both convertible and coupe body styles. Expect the exterior to be very aggressive with the classic viper lines being bolder this time round. This car, just as with other vipers before it will have fender grills, a carbon-fiber splitter, a race space vented hood and carbon fiber canards. The only major exterior design change with the new viper is that it will extend with one additional pair of canards that will be fitted into its bumper. Therefore, the new Dodge viper will have two canards per side.

The interior of the 2018 Dodge Viper will be built with the standard Viper cockpit while being produced with most emphasis on reducing this car’s weight. What this means is that several convenience features, for example like the radio, will be removed because they mean a lot of weight for this car. The entire dashboard of the 2018 Dodge Viper will be wrapped with carbon fiber though the bezel will be removed. The shifter also, is wrapped with Alcantara leather to allow for better gripping. special attention will be given to the steering wheel which see it incorporate a Header Red stripe for a 12-o’clock positioned on the steering wheel. Other interior features include a Stryker badge as well as a heritage viper instrument panel badge.

2018 Dodge Viper

2018 Dodge Viper Engine

Like most Viper vehicles, the 2018 Dodge Viper will come with a 8.4 liter V 10 engine. This should allow this vehicle to generate about 645 hp and 600 pound feet of torque. This powertrain will be combined with either the Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual transmission or the eight speed Corvette Z06 that is available optionally. Due to the massive weight reduction in this car, you should expect it to achieve 0-60 miles per hour performance in less than 3.3 seconds.

2018 Dodge Viper interior

2018 Dodge Viper Price and Release Date

The 2018 Dodge Viper will be availed in US markets by late 2018 or early 2019 at a base MSRP of 117,895 USD.

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