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2018 Dodge Dart front

2018 Dodge Dart Release Date and Price

The Dodge Dart is America’s small and hot sedan which has always managed to excite people thanks to its great design. However, the previous model however was relatively short lived and it did not meet the expectations of Dodge enthusiasts. The good news though s that a new 2018 Dodge Dart has been announced. The new model is going to use the similar platform as that of the current car. However, the engine and transmission in the car are going to be totally new.

2018 Dodge Dart front

2018 Dodge Dart Exterior and Interior

When it comes to the exterior design, the new 2018 Dodge Dart will be partially redesigned as compared to the 2016 model. Some parts of the exterior design have been borrowed from the previous model while specific parts have been maintained to keep its baseline design. The 2018 Dodge Dart will be more attractive and sporty which contributes to the aerodynamics of this vehicle. Its center of gravity shall be lowered slightly lowered. In addition, it will have dominant and aggressive headlights as well as taillights.

Inside the 2018 Dodge Dart’s cabin, attention has been drawn to the black and red details which enhance the feeling of a sporty design. The interior design exudes several modern features and lots of space, which isn’t typical for most sports cars. There shall be a very fantastic dashboard and six high quality speakers. Additionally, there will be an LCD screen together with features that support the use of laptop computers. 2018 Dodge Dart the interior will also feature lightly lowered seats which shall be upholstered in a high-quality leather material. The leather will also be used on the shift knob and steering wheel. The new model will also have an-built navigation system.

2018 Dodge Dart side

2018 Dodge Dart Engine

When it comes to the engine performance, it is expected to be strong and powerful just as 2018 Dodge Dart enthusiast expected. The new 2018 Dodge Dart will be powered by a 2.4L engine. The engine is also being used on the current Caliber SRT models. The engine is capable of producing 285 horsepower and 365 ft. of torque. The engine power will be improved in the higher trim models to reach up to 300 ft of torque and 350 hp. The power shall be transmitted to all the 4 wheels via a manual gearbox. The 2018 Dodge Dart will also feature a new and improved suspension.

2018 Dodge Dart interior

2018 Dodge Dart Release Date and Price

The release date of the 2018 Dodge Dart should be at the end of 2018 while sales will begin in early 2019. The real prices haven’t been officially announced yet but the expected price for the base level model should be 29,000 dollars.

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