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2018 Cadillac SRX front

2018 Cadillac SRX Engine, Released, Price

Cadillac is definitely one of the best things that US have ever produced. There are so many different Cadillac`s models that made millions of people happy and satisfied. Now, they`ve announced new SUV generation to arrive to the 2018 year market. It`s going to be 2018 Cadillac SRX and we are almost sure that it have the ability to become leader of Cadillac`s 2018 year lineup.

2018 Cadillac SRX front

2018 Cadillac SRX Review

SRX was always one of the nicest SUVs ever released from Cadillac and to be honest, he really don`t need to have some significant changes made on the exterior because we love him the way it is today. But, never mind about that, new 2018 Cadillac SRX will be released with almost brand new front fascia. It`s going to be equipped with larger grille and with larger headlights connected with the grille. Next to it, we can see larger turn signals and which is interesting, almost every detail on the exterior of new 2018 Cadillac SRX will be larger but his overall size won`t be changed at all. It`s going to remain to be same sized but it`s going to have his weight reduced thanks to more carbon fiber usage in the chassis. More exterior color options are also some thing that can make the customers happy and pleased. New SRX will probably be placed on 20.0-inch set of alloy wheels to make him more off-road capable.

Interior design is definitely one thing why the customers choose new 2018 Cadillac SRX before some other SUVs. It`s going to be more than spacious and it`s going to be designed with closest to the perfection it can be. His seats will be newly designed with better lumbar support and with various types of materials, from basic cloth to the top quality leather. New, 7.0-inch touchscreen will be placed on the middle of the instrument board and Cadillac will try to get you control all the functions through that screen and to reduce buttons number of the instrument board. Larger vents can really create the temperature inside new 2018 Cadillac SRX as you want it because new, digital climate controller is now added.

2018 Cadillac SRX side

2018 Cadillac SRX Engine

Two engine units will probably be available for new 2018 Cadillac SRX. First, basic is 2.0-liter turbocharged V6 which can supply it with 308 hp and with 265 lb/ft as torque amount. Second choice for this great SUV is 3.6-liter V6 unit which can produce better power amount that first engine choice is capable to do. This 2nd engine unit is capable to take new SRX running from 0-60 mph in only 7 seconds flat.

2018 Cadillac SRX interior

2018 Cadillac SRX Price and Released

We are almost sure that new 2018 Cadillac SRX can`t be released before the June of 2018 and we are also sure that his starting price can`t be under $40.000.

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